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The Euroregion Country of Lakes is an association of Latvian, Lithuanian and Byelorussian border municipalities, founded in 1998 in the city of Kraslava. Currently it has 31 members - 15 municipalities from Latvia, 8 municipalities from Lithuania and 8 from Belarus. On the Lithuanian side the Euroregion consists of Anykščiai district, Ignalina district, Kupiškis district, Molėtai district, Švenčionys district, Utena district, Visaginas and Zarasai district municipalities.

The Euroregion Country of Lakes aims to foster cross-border cooperation, exchange of experience and integrated territorial development in line with the priorities of the European Community.

The Euroregion implements the projects of the European Union Structural Funds European Territorial Cooperation Objective programs and other programs.

The area of the Euroregion Country of Lakes is 35.9 thousand km2, of which 15.2 thousand km2 (42%) is in Belarus, 12.1 thousand km2 (34%) in Latvia and 8.6 thousand km2 (24%) in Lithuania.

The region has 823,000 inhabitants, of which 375,500 (46%) live in Belarus, 275,600 (33%) in Latvia and 172 thousand (21%) in Lithuania.

Public Enterprise Euroregion Country of Lakes Lithuanian Office

Meeting of the Euroregion Country of Lakes tripartite board (consists of the Euroregion representatives from Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus)